2020 Las Vegas Raiders Blitzed Mock Draft 1.0 Rounds 1-3

Round 1, Pick 12 - WR Henry Ruggs III

Pros: The Raiders could use a lot of help for quarterback Derrek Carr in the passing game and that should start in the first round. Henry Ruggs III had 24 touchdowns and over 1700 receiving yards in three seasons with Alabama but don't let those stats deter you. His route running and duel threat ability has caught the eye of many scouts. Ruggs also had over 1700 yards rushing and 25 touchdowns on the ground in that time at Alabama. The Bama standout has great route running and can surely make defenses pay after the catch.

Cons: Ruggs III gets some back lash for his height standing only at 6'0 and 190 pounds, not the go to attributes of a standout NFL wide receiver on paper but his speed and route running ability makes him a day one talent by any scouts account. Secondly, his lack of stats through the air does make some question his ability to set into a starting role in the NFL. It is easy however to get over shadowed in a star studded Alabama offense so this works in his advantage as well.

Round 1, Pick 19 - S Xavier McKinney

Pros: McKinney is far and above the best safety in this draft with just over 170 tackles in two full seasons at Alabama. He recorded 95 of those in 2019 alone where he also forced a fumble, scored a touchdown, and had three interceptions. Also known for his high football IQ, footwork, and excellent on the blitz. At 6-1 200 pounds Mckinney is the perfect size and eye for the game the Raiders could use on the opposite side of Jonathan Abram.

Cons: While Xavier Mckinney had three interceptions in 2019 he could have and should have had three others and his hands can be in question at times. Becomes impatient in the open field and can miss tackles with inconsistent balance. While his footwork is good and ability to switch hips is above par he can lose coverage when caught staring in the backfield such in the event being beat deep twice against South Carolina this last season.

Round 3, Pick 80 - LB Troy Dye

Pros: Has great range and tackling ability recording over 390 total tackles in four seasons at Oregon. Standing 6'4 225 pounds his long arms and ability to engage blockers and make plays on near by runners is excellent. Dye can truly get downhill fast and is praised by many scouts for ability to recognize run lanes fast, close in, and make the tackle. With his explosiveness, mobility, length and range, Dye has everything needed to be a sure starter in the NFL.

Cons: The biggest concern is his IQ and ability to make plays in space, many scouts feel he must quicken his play recognition and become a better defender in space to take better angles in his path to the football. Dye is currently a tick slow on seeing opportunities to attack and as a result will miss critical plays on the boundary. As Dye is good in zone coverage, he struggles in man to man situations. Some scouts would rate him a "developmental starter" surely deserving of the third round selection.

Round 3, Pick 81 - CB Bryce Hall

Pros: Standing at 6'1 200 pounds he displays good size and length for the position. He is a very good tackler with over 150 total tackles in three full seasons at Virginia. As a zone defender, he easily diagnosis run and is good at coming down in run defense.  Also displays good tackling efficiency on the perimeter and rarely misses tackles. Hall has good football IQ and easily adjusts to motions across formations. He easily passes off routes in zone and has a good understanding of route combinations thrown at him. Hall is a play maker and without a ankle injury in his senior season could be going higher in this years draft, The Raiders could really luck out with this gem.

Cons: Bryce Hall is more effective in zone coverage than man due to his instincts, route understanding and average short area agility. He is run of the mill when transitioning at the top of the route and when closing to get to the football. The biggest concern with Hall is him coming off a ankle injury that could flair back up in the NFL and pose issues for any team that drafts him. His pro day will play a big factor in where he lands on scouts boards going in to the draft.

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