3 Teams Haunted by the NFL Trade Deadline

The NFL trade deadline came and went in the afternoon hours of Tuesday October 29th and we didn't see as much movement as expected and a lot of drama that we could have expected. Some teams made great moves, such as the New England Patriots acquiring wide receiver Mohamad Sanu from the Atlanta Falcons and the 49ers getting more help at receiver as well, by the way of Emanuel Sanders from the Denver Broncos. There are always those teams every year however that for whatever reason couldn't make the moves, made the wrong moves, or flat out fell on their faces. In honor of Halloween here's three of those teams that may be haunted if you will by the NFL trade deadline.

New York Jets

Where can you start with the Jets, a team with so much hope and promise in the off-season just squandered at every turn. Adam Gase and GM Joe Douglas should be flat out ashamed of themselves and both be looking for new teams come March, what happened at the NFL trade deadline was an embarrassment. If it wasn't bad enough this season being embarrassed as a Jets fan, the upper management of this team made it ten times worse on Tuesday. The idea you would not only shop running back LeVeon Bell only a few months out from signing him off the street and running your offense through him for eight weeks especially when the starting quarterback was out with mononucleosis for crying out loud. You also shop your best defensive player in Jamal Adams after supposedly having talks with him behind closed doors in the contrary. Twitter was an absolute firestorm on Tuesday with upset fans as well as Adams and Bell voicing their opinions and as you could expect it wasn't well received. At the end of the day neither were traded and both now have fractured relationships with the Jets. This is a young team and their two leaders on both sides of the ball were just unsuccessfully shopped and will be forced to return to a even bigger mess to try and finish the season in one piece as much as either side tries to put it all behind. This just might not only haunt the Jets now, but for years to come.

Cincinnati Bengals & Andy Dalton

It didn't surprise anyone when the Bengals struggled over the first part of the season. This is a team with a new young head coach, terrible defense, lack of weapons, and was AJ Greenless for the first eight weeks. It did surprise a lot of folks however when coach Zac Taylor made the decision to bench long time quarterback Andy Dalton following a week eight loss to the Rams 24-10. Dalton has led the Bengals for the better part of the last decade with moderate success reaching the playoffs four times however losing out in every match-up. The red rifle surely has been in the decline for the last couple seasons and anyone could have expected this coming at some point, but to come the week of the trade deadline and not try and get anything for him is what has a lot of people puzzled. Teams like the Chicago Bears are perfect candidates had Dalton and his team had time to vet for a trade. The Bears very talented defense could have surely benefited from a more veteran presence at quarterback. Speculation at this point is a bit mute though. The big story in Cincinnati is why they wouldn't have tried and gotten something for Dalton sooner being they've been in a "rebuild" since about when the season started. This not only does and injustice for the organization but for Dalton who has put in his time for the Bengals. Dalton's value will only continue to diminish heading into the off-season with rookie speculation being the hot thing on a lot of GM's minds. The Bengals may not be too haunted for long however the thought may always loom what they could have gotten. For Dalton this may haunt for a bit longer as the question now arises with 9 seasons and an 0-4 record in the playoffs will we ever see the red rifle start in the NFL again?

Washington Redskins

How could you have a piece like this without the Redskins? Owner Dan Snyder and the Washington brass are no stranger to making bad moves either by way of trade or their favorite, free agency flops like Albert Haynesworth. This time around it's a non-move that makes them look even more ridiculous. Everyone and their mother has known that offensive tackle Trent Williams wanted out of Washington even in the pre-season. The Redskins however have been adamant to not deal Williams away, even though a lot of teams would pay a pretty penny for the services of one of the better left tackles of the last couple years. This comes down to simply Snyder and the other movers and shakers in charge in Washington and their pride and impulsive nature. The Redskins will continue to be haunted by bad move after bad move if they don't clean house and have Snyder step down in decision making, he is no Jerry Jones who has also had his fair share of flops but Snyder doesn't even enter the discussion with Jones. To make matters worse due to pain when trying on a helmet Williams didn't even pass his physical. Now their in jeopardy of him not playing if they can't find another helmet. Sound familiar? The Redskins not only should have traded Trent Williams before the deadline but they should have done it months ago. Something needs to be done in Washington soon or fans in the surrounding DC area will continue to be haunted by the "Snyder Curse" for years to come.