3 Wide Receivers the Packers are Targeting this Off Season

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

With the Green Bay Packers season coming to a close a week ago one thing was very apparent, the Packers need weapons and need them now. This lack of an air arsenal has haunted the green and gold in the Rodgers era and it all came to a head in Levi Stadium against the 49ers. The Pack survived a rocky postseason run by the heroic effort of wide receiver Davante Adams who compiled 17 catches, 298 yards, and 2 touchdowns in two of the Packers playoff games. To show you Adams true work load, when you crunch the stats the Packers star wide out was on the receiving end of a whopping 70% of of Aaron Rodgers throws to receivers not named Jimmy Graham in that span. All this points to the increasing demand for more help at the wide receiver position. In a year however with a light Free Agency pool and a stacked rookie class they'll have to do some digging. Here's three wide receivers that will be on the Packers radar this off season.

1. Robby Anderson - New York Jets

First guy on this list may surprise you in part because he probably isn't the flashiest and most entertaining signing you can imagine. Anderson has spent four seasons in the NFL with the Jets since entering as a undrafted free agent in 2016. In those four seasons he has compiled just over 3000 receiving yards and 20 touchdowns. He is set to be a unrestricted free agent in March and could most certainly use the change of spaces. Since the arrival of head coach Adam Gase and the addition of players like Jamison Crowder many have questioned the need or desire to keep Anderson now at the end of his contract. This plays well into the hands of the Packers who could use his 4.41 speed on the opposing side of Davante Adams. He may not be the marque player many fans are dreaming for but he would be highly effective in Matt Lafleaur's offense making the play action ever more deadly. This also frees up Adams even further as he is able to eat up the middle of the field where he feasts best, while teams are caught up not letting Anderson take the top off. Look for Green Bay to heavily target Robby Anderson this spring.

2. Tee Higgins - Clemson Tigers (Rookie)

The next guy on this list is a player I feel the Packers could make a serious consideration of drafting if available at the 30th overall pick. Higgins is a big physical wide receiver at 6'4 216 pounds, that could demand more attention from opposing defenses just based on the plays he can make with his body position and threat after the catch alone. Higgins led the Tigers with 59 receptions, 1,167 receiving yards, and 13 touchdowns this last season. The Packers have mentioned the idea of staying hesitant in free agency with good reason, the picking is slim at best at their position of most need. The green and gold may be in luck however as the draft pool this season for receivers is some of the best its been in years. The Packers have a real good chance to hit the mark, if they only pull the trigger. Higgins is a player that makes compete sense without the need of a growth year as many rookie wide-outs so often need, do to his size and unbelievable catch range. The Packers offense and weapons that could potentially surround Higgins makes him a easy player to plug in early and often in a variety of ways. Look for the Packers to look to the Draft to fill the holes on offense this off season and Higgins is a solid pick.

3. Demaryius Thomas - New York Jets

Here we go with some flash for the last spot on this list and flash in the way of name value for sure. Demaryius Thomas may be on the back nine of his illustrious NFL career that has seen over 9,700 receiving yards and 63 touchdowns but that doesn't mean he can't offer something to a team and especially a young receiving corps. Thomas combined with one of the many young pass catchers the Packers can get via the draft could be a great situation for all involved. With guys like Allen Lazard, Geronimo Allison, and even Davante Adams could learn a few things from a savy veteran like Thomas. Don't count him out on the gridiron either, in Lafleur's run first west coast style offense Thomas could find himself more in his Broncos days than anything else. The veteran could line up in the slot and feast on slower line backers and safeties in play action scenarios and plus he makes for an excellent blocker on screen plays. With slim pickings in free agency the Packers can rest assured they get some value in veteran leadership by signing Demaryius Thomas.