A Night at the Westin Seattle

The Seattle Dragons Uniform Reveal

The night started in the strong in the Westin Hotel in Downtown Seattle at 6:15 PM on Tuesday December 2nd,

Shaking with excitement for the opportunity given to us to be present as the Dragons plan to reveal their home and away uniforms. We started off with some solid beers because why the hell not after a long day of work and got our questions prepared.

We gathered the gear and marched down the halls along with Seattle Dragons teammates and got to the conference hall and got situated.

As we prepared for the players to unveil the uniforms we heard the team go buck wild! We began to get ready as Quarterback Brandon Silvers and Wide Receiver Kason Williams came into the sot light wearing the new professional football team uniforms and let me tell yah. The jerseys were awesome!! The helmets not only stood out to us but they stood out to QB Silvers! And Kason informed us that he would wear the white cleats on the road to get the whole outfit properly flowing!

As the Lights dimmed and the players began to get ready to take off I caught Kasen Williams on the side and asked him a few questions! Kasen is not only a home town hero but he is just a huge positive energy in the room! Even being as nervous as I was he was very open to talking to me and a very down to earth guy who’s ready to shine for Seattle again!

William’s on being asked if CenturyLinks reputation feeds into the team

“ Definitely. Especially playing on the road you have no idea how many people are going to show for the games, but in Seattle you know the fans are gonna show up and bring the noise”

If that doesn’t amp you up and get ready to tailgate and party like animals when these boys show up to play in CenturyLink for the first time in February I don’t know what will!! He had me ready to throw on some pads and get in the uniform and barge through the wall! Kasen is a terrific person and is going to be electric this season catching touchdowns from Brandon Silvers!

Tonight was incredible and we thank the Dragons for the opportunity!

Lots more to come! The first of many from the new show The Sports Bar Hosted by Christian!

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