A Weekend of Sheer Shame

Well folks, there’s no easy way around it! if you are both a Washington Huskies fan or a Seattle Seahawks fan. I had so much energy Friday evening! Ready for the weekend with two big games both being played in the PNW.

The Washington Huskies (#25) hosted the Oregon Ducks (#12) at the Alaska Airlines Stadium.

The atmosphere was rad. You could really feel the heart and soul of every fan. The fans in purple were ready to shit all over those nice brand new, all-white uniforms that the Ducks were wearing. 

Sadly, the Huskies fell short on 4th down and could have been bailed out by a textbook Pass Interference call—unfortunately it was missed by the refs (big shocker there, am I right?). Pac 12 refs are fucking garbage. That still doesn’t change the fact that UW converted only 2/13 times on 3rd down and blew a juicy 14-point lead. Rebuilding is not an easy task for Pac 12 teams. Oregon has suffered a few years but could now possibly be considered playoff potential if they win out the season and take the Pac12 championship. 

The defense for the Huskies is full of young talent and freshmen players, like Miles Bryant being the only returning player from last years starting defense. Freshmen Trent McDuffie (#22) played an outstanding game on Saturday and shows a lot of promise to be a top CB in the near future! Freshmen safety Asa Turner showed his freshmen mistakes on the field by delivering a hit to Ducks QB Herbert while sliding, costing UW 15 yards and the ball on the 2-yard line. Nobody is perfect! But even with that mistake in the books, Turner was able to shake it off and keep his head in the game. He shows a lot of promise playing for UW and it will be interesting to see his development throughout the years to come!

Huskies offense was throwing the ball effectively and running the rock with Ahmed was working out just fine. So, the Huskies decide to run the Wildcat formation every chance they could get, ultimately costing them big 3rd downs because Oregon isn’t a D3 football team and shuts them down every time. As you can imagine, it was frustrating to see this as a Huskies fan, watching that lead slowly disappear as if Thanos himself was a ScoDucks yelling highlighter Jersey wearing fan. 

I spent the day in disbelief and pounded shot after shot of vodka while listening to the Huskies fight song, saying it was all going to be okay and that next year will be our year. Oregon shut down UW on their final drive to seal the game, and that was Saturday in the books. 

Let's talk about the Seattle Seahawks. They are 5-1 on the season playing at home after beating Cleveland on the road in a tight rope matchup, and coming back from a 20-6 deficit, you could say the Hawks are in business this season, but there have been recurring issues in each of these Seahawks games since week one.

With the pressure on the quarterbacks, it's so frustrating for Seahawks fans to see the defense of line roster and watch game after game with the opposing QB have enough time in the backfield to build a fucking house and walk the dog before getting the ball out his hands. No pressure has lead to massive gains down the field with the poor DBs running their asses off every play and eventually losing to their match up. Scrambling QBs and running backs were slicing through the D-Line like a hot knife with butter is downright frustrating, especially now with Russell and the offense not going 3 and out every drive for the first 3 quarters.

Back to my point—Seahawks defense sucks balls and needs to be addressed instead of praised by Pete Carroll after every game. Sunday rolls around and my Saturday hangover was in full effect as I pounded beers with my boys and my girlfriend right outside CenturyLink Field at 11 am. I was confident that with Reed back in the lineup, we would see Lamar Jackson get smeared like whipped cream cheese on a bagel.

1:25pm kickoff roles around and, oh shit! The ravens are already in the red zone. Hawks stop them for 3 points and we were happy that Russell Wilson, with his MVP caliber season, was stepping on the field. Seahawks looked to their old ways of running the ball first and looking like shit, but Seahawks fans can take it the first few drives.

Second quarter shows up and Russell drops a dime to Tyler Lockett in the end zone with Lockett making another spectacular catch! The effort he puts in to catching those passes is godly and we love it!! After an exchange of field goals from Justin Tucker and Jason Myers, Russ and the offense trot out on to the field with big-dick energy to take this game over! Everyone at CenturyLink Field was ready for a big Seahawks touchdown before half time AND HOLY SHIT Russell throws his first INT of the season and it’s a goddamn Pick6 from the guy we spent the whole week calling "Burnt Toast”, but the excitement didn’t leave the fans, it left the team.

Seahawks kicked a field to tie the game right at half-time, so it's all good. 13-13 and the Seahawks get the ball back after the half. We still have hope. Both the Seahawks offense and Ravens offense produce nothing for almost the entire 3rd quarter, and Lamar Jackson has had enough of that. With no pressure and a sure shot to the end zone, he runs and gets the TD and oh boy, it’s not looking good for us, folks.

4th quarter continues as the Seahawks don’t move the ball and the defense bends a tad bit and gives the Ravens another field goal with 4 minutes left in the game and the hawks are down by 10. Hope is flying through the window at this point. Russell connects with WR DK Metcalf to pick up the first, and oh my God, he fumbled the football. The Ravens defense kicks our soulless corpses right in the goonies as they run in a touchdown from the fumble and take a 30 to 13 lead on the Seahawks.

Yikes! Seahawks drive down the field to get one last field goal in for Jason Myers to bring back some of his confidence from missing earlier in the game. 30 to 16 is the final score.

Lamar Jackson had 14CAR for 116 yards and touchdown throwing for 143 yards. Russ went 20-41, 241 yards, and 1 touchdown. Technically he had 2, if you want to be an asshole. Ravens have a solid squad and hats off to them and to Earl Thomas, former longtime Seahawk. 

With this weekend in the books, it reminds me of why football is so important in my life and it's because I love it! Even when my teams shit the bed, I am still grateful to have sports in my life. It is tradition. It is getting hammered on the weekends with my best friends, and it builds anticipation for 2020 when the Seattle Dragons hit the field for the XFL!

Thank you for reading and thank you for joining. I am Christian Sullivan from the BeefyBoisBudClub Podcast and you can catch us every Monday.