Amari Rodgers sleeper for OROY amidst Quarterback controversy in Green Bay

It's no secret the Packers have been in the spotlight for the majority of the NFL offseason, all that being in a negative light. Star Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has yet to have been seen in training camp and has not been shy of shading the Green and Gold in the public eye. Most recently, being some what uncertain of his status come week one saying "We'll see." when asked about his possible return. Many fans believe this is due to lack of support for the quarterback from Packers brass and one position seems to stick in the craw a little more than others. Outside of Davante Adams the Packers have lacked a sure number two wideout for some time and many fans point back to this as a catalyst for Aaron Rodgers's displeasure with his team.

This leaf was arguably turned when the Packers got a steal in the NFL draft at 85th overall with wide receiver Amari Rodgers out of Clemson on Day 2 in the third round. Some fans felt this was still late for the Packers to fill the position and by a few years by many accounts, so no telling taking a wideout in the first round of 2021 would have fully healed a disgruntled Aaron Rodgers. It surely can help, and with that Amari Rodgers stands the chance of being the breakout of the year in 2021 given the Packers can get a lid on their quarterback situation and fast.

Amari Rodgers was a standout wide receiver in college racking up just over 2100 yards through the air in four years at the University of Clemson. His breakout season came in 2020 during a pandemic stricken year where he broke 1000 yards in a season for the first time in his college career and leading the ACC with 77 receptions as well as seven touchdowns. When asked about Rodgers GM Brian Gutekunst said, “ I think he’s just built for us. He’s built for up here in Green Bay and he’s just a very versatile player, very smart player and we’re just really glad to add him to the roster.” When saying being built for Green Bay he means it, at 5'9 Amari Rodgers isn't the tallest frame on the field but weighing in at a stocky 212 pounds adds a whole other kind of power at the slot receiver position of all places. According to Pro Football Focus, Rodgers was tied for 22nd with 8.0 YAC per catch in the nation and tied for 7th with 17 forced missed tackles. Don't let his size and power fool you, he has wheels notching a 4.44 40 Yard Dash at the Clemson Pro Day ahead of the NFL Draft.

Amari Rodgers is a burley wide receiver with a lot of power and potential after the catch. Aaron Rodgers is known for his love of the slot receivers given his days tearing up defenses with the notorious Randall Cobb who without Rodgers never seemed to click. Aaron just has that way with the guys in the slot and Amari Rodgers will be no different if the Packers can just get their legendary signal caller back in the office. We could be talking potential OROY material if the chips fall just right for a Packers team hitting its prime moments on both sides of the ball.

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