Bold Predictions & Picks for Week 3 of the XFL slate

Two weeks down in the rebirth of the XFL and we have been treated to some pretty darn good football. The numbers could be better attendance wise, but we will see St. Louis play at home for the first time this season. Will they break the attendance record set by the Seattle Dragons just a week ago? We also get an interesting match up between the under preforming Tampa Bay Vipers who are win-less on the young season and the undefeated Houston Roughnecks. A lot goes down in week three of the XFL, so hang in tight here's two bold predictions heading into this weekends action and my picks!

St. Louis Battlehawks will break XFL attendance record at 32K+

It was a remarkable feat for the league when the Seattle Dragons set a new attendance record in week two, carrying the league for the week and keeping optimism on the rise. Well even more good news for XFL fans everywhere. The St. Louis Battlehawks will break the record again by roughly a few thousand people or more this week. Local Fox news station in St. Louis reported that the game is officially sold out at 28,000 ticket sales. They are expecting some over that number. The Dome in St. Louis holds a little over 66K people at full capacity, seeing a crowd of just over 32K fans is more than achievable seeing the dying urge for football back in St. Louis after the Rams of the NFL departed for Los Angeles in 2016. The Rams did rather well in St. Louis seeing the capacity, from 2009-2015 they packed the house with anywhere from roughly 52K-59K per depending on the year. Many will say these are NFL numbers and they are absolutely right but with that being said not many "travel NFL fans" are flocking to St. Louis to see their team play every year. Many and I mean many of those die hard football fans are right there in the St. Louis area. With the Dragons finding great success at Century Link Field it will be interesting to see where St. Louis falls in their home opener. I wouldn't be surprised if it was above 32K or more depending on how many sections are released. The Dragons are at home in week three as well so it may be a race to the top, and expect heavy turnouts for both.

Win-less Los Angeles Wildcats will upset undefeated DC Defenders

Now here is where bold predictions get really really bold but I just have a good feeling about this one. You could make the argument the Wildcats are the better of the two win-less remaining teams in the league but they actually hold a few other advantages in this match-up. First, the DC Defenders have had the privilege of playing at home for the first two weeks of the season beating the Dragons 31-19 in week one and shutting out the Guardians in week two. Now however they load up the plane for the first time of the season and head all the way west to LA. This automatically gives the Wildcats a slight advantage as we will see how this Defenders team reacts to the coast-coast trip. Secondly, this Wildcats defense is forcing more turnovers as of late with two interceptions out of Dallas Renegades quarterback Landry Jones as well as a forced fumble in last weeks 25-18 loss. Facing easily one of the top two quarterbacks in the league the Wildcats will need to hone in on their pass defense and take advantage of any opportunities they get. Lastly, motivation is a key factor here. The Wildcats have been ripped from every angle this week from attendance numbers to poor play late against the Renegades. They enter this week the 2nd biggest underdog by WilliamHill Las Vegas (+8) all more the reason to come out and put on a show case. I believe the Wildcats have a lot to work on but every team gets caught and this will be the week for the Defenders. I'm taking the Wildcats in a close game around 24-21.

Week 3 XFL Picks (ATS)

Season Record (4-4)

Houston Roughnecks @ Tampa Bay Vipers

Roughnecks (-6)

Dallas Renegades @ Seattle Dragons

Dragons (+4.5)

New York Guardians @ St. Louis Battlehawks

Battlehawks (-10)

DC Defenders @ LA Wildcats

Wildcats (+8)

Spreads via WilliamHill Las Vegas 2/20/20

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