Clash of the Titans in Jeans Stadium

It’s no surprise to Hawks and 49ers fans that Monday’s game was going to be a thriller, after having 9 meetups with the Seahawks coming out on top in recent memory the rivalry feeling was jump started back to life with 49ers coming into this matchup being 8-0 and Hawks being 7-2.


Everyone knew this would not be a blow out for either end but an uphill battle going all 4 quarters. The 49ers defense came out swinging not giving the Seahawks keeping Russell and his weapons off the field.

Enter the Seattle defense we have not witnessed yet this season, Clowny made Jimmy G regret ever putting those cleats on and stepping out on the field. Making a joke of the 49ers O-Line with Poona Ford and Reed. we couldn’t help but shout and scream at the TV every time this Defense got the quarterback.

The pep to the missing step in the defense was discovered at the best possible time, forcing turnovers, scoring touchdowns, and making life hell for any soul wearing red and gold.

Free agent pick up Diggs laid the lumber making huge hits and snagging his first INT as a Seahawk!

The 49ers defense being down 11 jumped Russell Wilson stripping the ball and of with Ifedi attempting to save the play only to stay upright getting the ball punched out of his hands leading to a scoop and score. 49ers convert the 2 points and boom


Everyone watching this game made a deposit of shit in their pants and shaking uncontrollably like we had hypothermia,

Jason Myers redeemed his life by kicking a field in the 4th to take the lead at 24-21 but of course the game can’t just be over. 49ers and their rookie kicker go down the field to boot a 47 yard field goal to tie the game and its perfect right down the middle

24-24 overtime

With a coin flip that made national media the hawks receive the football, knowing Russells history with OT wins Hawks fans were feeling good.

Seahawks drive down the field with new addition to the team Josh Gordon making key catches and Malik Turner coming out from the dirt so fast NFL experts didn’t even know his name (it’s true). Russell is knocking at the door, The Endzone is so close you can smell the victory. Russell throws the ball up Jacob Hollister is in prime position to get his 2nd OT touchdown reception annnnd its gone, russ throws his 2nd interception this season and it gets returned almost 50 yards, Seahawks keep the niners from driving down the field and needing to settle for a 47 yard field goal, a 47 yarder was made by SF to tie the game, it was over. We waited and watched as we iced they iced the kicker and all we could do is sit and watch the TV. ITS NO GOOD, NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!! The room exploded with excitement beer was flying everyones hugging but wait the game is not over!

After 2 more punts hawks had last possession to either win or end this matchup in a tie.

Russell makes a crucial run for a first down and Carson gets the ball closer.

Jason Myers a kicker everyone in Seattle doubted and hated after 1 bad game this season comes out on the field.

Pressure so strong on his shoulders it could paralyze him. The ball is off and that’s it folks, the kicker looking for a chance to settle the score for missing so many goddamn kicks against the Buccs delivers in the biggest game of the year! The yelling, the shaking, all worth it to watch the Seahawks end the game with a W.

This team is very special! 8-2 into the bye week!!!