Cowboys Front Office Doing Right!

Everyone knows the story, with the 16th overall pick in the 2014 NF Draft, The Dallas Cowboys "surprisingly" pick Zack Martin passing on "Johnny Football". Now, whether you believe that Stephen Jones (son of Hall of Fame owner Jerry Jones in case you've been living under a mountain because a rock would not be big enough to keep you from knowing this simple fact) had anything to do with that decision or not, it's undeniable that The Cowboys are on the right track. Even the most staunch Cowboys hater would have a difficult time arguing this statement, I'm looking at you Stephan A. Smith.

Since then The Cowboys have made great decisions that panned out, even ones where I was a strong opponent of. I hated the Amari trade, I think most Cowboys fans did. Dez Bryant was gone and The Cowboys were trading their first overall pick, that looked to be in the top 10, for a wide receiver we weren't sure was an upgrade to Dez. "Who's going to throw him the ball?!" One of the many questions. "What good is a deep threat wide receiver when we have a QB that can't throw 5 yards down the field to save his life?!" Fans complained. This decision worked out, at least for now.

Fast forward to this off-season and the great decisions continue. Beasley wanted too much money so they let him go and upgraded the position with Randall Cobb who is cheaper, younger AND better. They Trade for Robert Quinn and get him to take a pay cut, a great trade considering Randy Gregory's suspension. But the one that takes the cake for me is re-signing D-Law.

Much was made about when they would sign him and whether he would play on the tag. With 25 sacks in the last two seasons and still only 27 years of age, letting Tank go would have been catastrophic for the team. Not only would the team have a hard time replacing that kind of production but D-Law is a leader in the defense, one that players look to for motivation.

But the reason I say this decision takes the cake is because this proves The Cowboys front office have turned the corner and should be looked at as a competent front office, gone are the days of the Roy Williams trade. Franchise tagging a player and then actually working towards getting a contract that benefits both parties is what great Franchises do. Now I don't know if Dallas was not a desirable place for players to go to, but this deal should make players both coming out of college and pros want to play for Jerry. Trusting that your employer will do what they said they would do goes a long way. The rest of the NFL should be on high alert, because with Jerry having the influence that he does over the NFL, Stephen taking over the reigns of football operations and Will McClay being the great talent evaluator he is, this team will be feared again. Believe that.

This team has gotten better this off-season and we haven't even drafted yet!