Does Kenyan Drake pose a risk to Jacobs workload in 2021

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When it comes to young breakout running backs you don't have to look further than Josh Jacobs, who splashed into the NFL by way of Alabama in 2019. Since entering the League he has played in 28 games running for a little over 2200 yards and 19 touchdowns. Josh Jacobs also has not been shy of the injury bug suffering from a list of injuries such as ankle to shoulder injuries. Even suffering from minor injuries he had to be rushed to a hospital for in a DUI crash in January of this year. Jacobs has had his share of bumps and bruises. On top of all this, his 240+ carries over his first two years just adds miles to the young runner's workload. Enter new free agent acquisition Kenyan Drake.

Drake comes to the Raiders from the Arizona Cardinals after being drafted by the Miami Dolphins in 2016. Drake has never had a 1000 yard season in his 5 seasons in the NFL despite coming close in 2020 with 955 yards and 10 touchdowns on the ground. Also ailed by injuries himself Drake has had some splash in the pan moments and also been a let down on other occasions. When analyzing the addition of Drake in this backfield likely means a decent reduction in carries for Jacobs and could possibly threaten a two back system in Las Vegas. For the Raiders this likely could be a good outcome with reducing injuries to both backs however for Fantasy Football owners looking to lean on Josh Jacobs for 20-25 carries a game may be disappointed when that's reduced to around 15-18 carries a game. Not to mention Kenyan Drake is getting a little work with wide receivers in training camp showing more opportunities in the passing game may be in his future. If Drake can continue to impress in training camp this backfield could very likely start as a 2 horse system severely cutting into Jacobs production in the Raiders backfield.

Not to say Josh Jacobs is in any risk of losing his starting role or will fall off the face of the earth but the addition of Drake does add some depth for him to lean on. If you're reading this from a Raiders fan perspective you can rest easy as this wont effect the production on the Raiders as a whole in fact they may benefit best do to the flexibility and rotation keeping fresh legs. If you're reading this from a fantasy football perspective, well it's probably safe to say you should else where for that workhorse RB1 in the first round.

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