Early Season Predictions for 2021 - AFC West Edition

July 14, 2021 9am EST

If you're like me and Sunday's feel a little more empty and it seems there's not as much to watch on TV anymore, then this article is just for you. While looking ahead to the 2021 NFL season I couldn't help but think what the NFL season will look like when it all wraps up in February. Then I did what anyone would do and found the nearest NFL season simulator and went through the year and made my picks for who comes out on top. This is a brief dive into those results and my picks as of now in the preseason and where things would end up. Starting with the AFC West, which was rocking!

AFC West:

The AFC West came out as one of the toughest divisions in the NFL come the end of the season. The Chiefs led the division at 14-3 and 5-1 in division play finishing second in the conference. All this can be expected from the MVP winner Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City Chiefs. That's right! Sneak a little MVP prediction in there. Not to say they did it easily with Justin Herbert leading the Chargers to a 12-5 record and 2nd in the division. Austin Ekler will be a beast looking at 1000 plus yards at minimum in 2021 and double digits scores both on the ground and through the air. Sneakily the Las Vegas Raiders muster a way to scoot to a

10-7 record despite finishing 2-4 in the division. Derek Carr is saved once more from the hot seat and silences all the haters when the Raiders bump into the playoffs with the 7th Seed. Silver and Black led by stellar performances from Alabama alums Josh Jacobs and Henry Ruggs. The two amount to 1000 plus yard seasons respectfully. Also look for this defense to take a big step up front this season.

Lastly and surely not least but also not the best, the Broncos who finish 4-13 on the year. I'm not currently sold on the Broncos and can't have faith in this passing attack enough to win games. Don't get me wrong Rookie RB Javonte Williams will have a banner year for a rookie and Melvin Gordan will find enough space to make for a good season on the ground. With that being said, I can't get behind Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater enough to win much more than four games. I see three out of four teams in the AFC West making the Playoffs! Where they end up is another article!

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