End of the River?


It has been thirteen grueling seasons that Phillip Rivers has quarterbacked the San Diego and now Los Angeles Chargers. Through the years he has accomplished eight Pro-Bowl appearances as well as a Comeback Player of the Year in 2013. Unfortunately a lousy 5-6 record in the playoffs and terrible 59% completion rating in playoff games has fans looking to the future, unless they can see some substantial improvement and quite honestly a Super Bowl appearance as soon as this season. Teams across the NFL are increasingly finding success with young signal callers directly out of college, case and point Baker Mayfield for the Cleveland Browns or even the emergence last season of Lamar Jackson for the Ravens eventually edging out long time starter and Super Bowl champion Joe Flacco.

The day is January thirteenth of 2019 and the Chargers are taking a trip across the country to play a playoff game against the always tough New England Patriots. Most annalists would tell you the Chargers weren't expected to win by any stretch, however to get shellacked 41-28 is inexcusable and to think the Patriots were up 35-7 at halftime makes you wonder why they were even there. Rivers wasn't great but decent finishing with the stat line of (25-51-331-3TDs-1Int) however most was in the second half when the game was surely in the Patriots hands. Now fast forward a few months later that off-season and star running back Melvin Gordon is in the midst of a contract dispute with the team adding even more turmoil to an already touchy situation. If Rivers and the Chargers have to start the 2019 season without arguably their best weapon on offense, the hopes of a Super Bowl appearance may have already depleted before things get going. With the team in L.A. now just a few seasons from moving into their new digs and with everything falling apart you have to think if this season doesn't end well, Phillip Rivers will more than likely be on his way out. Clearing way for the "new look" Chargers without Rivers or Gordon.


With the 2020 NFL Draft gearing up to feature more excellent quarterbacks in Justin Herbert from Oregon, Sam Ehlinger from Texas, and the highly anticipated Tua Tagovailoa out of Alabama. It just might be time for the Chargers to pull the plug on the situation and cut all ties to the old and embrace the new. Not to say Rivers is washed up by any means, however things clearly aren't working with the Chargers and given the current situation of the franchise they can't afford to pass up on a resurgence of youth at the main helm when your fan base is revolting and your other stars are holding out. Especially when half the teams in the playoffs last season were led by signal callers twenty-five years of age or younger.

All signs seem to be pointing in the same direction for Rivers and the Chargers these days and to say he's on the "hot seat" would be an under statement. The Chargers need to be in a Super Bowl or its bust for them this season. Not to mention Rivers is also getting older and by most estimations definitely out of his prime. Only time will tell what will happen in that backfield over the course of the season but don't be surprised if the Chargers are taking a Quarterback in the First Round in May of 2020.

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