Fire Breathing Dragons

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

The Seahawks have hit a bye week in the season and that means its time to talk about our new addition to the great city of Seattle Washington it is not a new basketball team, not the brand new hockey team starting here in 2020, and sadly not a new baseball team.. BUT THE NEW FIERCE FLYING ARMORED FIRE BREATHING EXTREME FOOTBALL LEAGUE SEATTLE DRAGONS!!!!

Honestly if you couldn’t tell by the introduction I am beyond hyped! And what a better city to place a new football league!

ever since they announced the return of the XFL I lit up with joy!

The AAF came around last year and gave us a little bit of a dick tease of a new football league, sadly as quick as they came they quickly went under.

Giving players such as Trent cant find a whole if it meant making babies Richardson and true NFL/CFL bust Johnny Manziel.

The only good to come from the AAF was San Antonios love for their team! they were given an opportunity to prove to the rest of the U.S that they too love football and don’t want to be torn on both the Cowboys or the Texans as their pro team to root for.

Unfortunately San Antonio won’t have a XFL team just yet.

The XFL is gifting us 8 teams

Seattle Dragons

New York Guardians

Dallas Renegades

Houston Roughnecks

Los Angeles Wildcats

Tampa Bay Vipers

DC Defenders

St. Louis Battlehawks

The XFL TV partners include ESPN, ABC, Fox Sports!

The XFL draft took place on October 15th-16th and the teams have been built!

Let's get into the dragons roster here to pick some of the Washington Huskies players who have joined the Dragons and of course a player to one of the greatest college plays of all time!

Coaching Staff

Jim Zorn, Head Coach, GM


Mike Riley OC

Steve Smith Offensive Line Coach

Butch Goncharoff Running Backs Coach

Larry kirksey Receivers Coach

Steve Hagen Tight Ends, Asst. Special Teams Coach

Josh Oglesby Asst. Offensive Line/ Offensive Asst.


Clayton Lopez Defensive Coordinator, Defensive Backs Coach

George “Chip” Garber Special Teams/ Linebackers coach

Donald Johnson Defensive line coach

Marcus Ungaro Asst. Defensive Back Coach.

Assigned QB and leader of the field

QB Brandon Silvers 6-3, 219LBs from Troy University

Career Stats- Cmp-968, ATT-1503, Pct-64.4, Yds- 10,677, TDs-71, INTs-29, Rate-135.8


Former NFL/AAF/CFL Running Back

Trey Williams 5’7 200lbs Texas A&M alum went undrafted in 2015 to get swooped by the Redskins trey bounced around the league from the foreskins to the Cowboys, Patriots, Dolphins, Colts, Steelers, Toronto Argonauts, back to the Cowboys and gave San Antonio a try with the AAF team Commanders. All at the age of 26 its interesting to see how he bounced from location to location looking for a home and finally the XFL brought him here to Seattle! I can’t wait to see his talent in century link along lined up with Silvers. The running back depth is solid here for the dragons more on that later! Trey Williams Career Stats

ATT-204, Yds 1,343 TDs 18. Receiving- Rec 38, Yds 330, Tds 1.

Trey is joined by

Kenneth Farrow 5’10 220lbs out of Houston

ATT 560, Yds 2,980 Td’s 34, Rec 74, Yds 546, Td’s 3

Lavon Coleman 5’11 235lbs University of Washington

ATT 374, Yds 2000 Td’s 12, Rec 31, Yds 252, Td’s 3

mind you Colemans impressive stats were while star running back Myles Gaskin was taking on the heavy work load for UW.


Kasen Williams 6’3 217lbs University of Washington/NFL

Kasen is a special player to dragons fans because the WR went to High school at Skyline High school in Sammamish Washington and played for the University of Washington. Kason was on the Seahawks roster fighting for a spot then to the Browns, and Colts, officially landing here in Seattle once again to play for a new Professional team and has the chance to be the star WR once again!

Kasen Williams Stats

Rec 162, Yds 1,915, Td’s 15

WR Fred Ross 6-2 205lbs Mississippi State/ NFL

Rec 199, Yds 2,258, Td’s 22, Rush Yds 87 and 1 TD

Tight Ends (TE)

Evan Rodriguez Temple

Rec 69, Yds 871, Td’s 7

Cameron Clear

Rec 9, Yds 76, Td’s 1

That’s just the tip of the iceberg here for the dragons.

On defense more UW players star such as

Shane Bowmen, Taniela Tupou.

One of my favorite picks for the Seattle Dragons is

CB out of Auburn Chris Davis.

Chris Davis delivered us one of the greatest plays in college football

Undefeated Alabama geared up to kick the deep field goal to win over auburn.

The field goal being short Chris Davis was there to run the football back to have chance to win. Sure enough Davis had blockers Davis had the moves! He’s at the 30 the 20 THERE GOES DAVIS, OH MY GOD!!!! AUBURN GONNA WIN THE FOOTBALL GAME, AUBURN IS GONNA WIN THE FOOTBALL GAME. Unreal watching that unfold on the TV, not only is it a national treasure when Alabama loses a football game but the call was just amazing! Giving football fans goosebumps!

There’s a lot of talent on this XFL Seattle Dragons team and I am calling a Seattle Championship!!

I can’t wait for February and even with the woes of NFL Football going into the offseason we get more football to watch until April. Thank you Vince and that you XFL for giving us the Seattle Dragons!!

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