Former Heisman winner Johnny Manziel Sells Car Insurance

It has been a long journey for Johnny "Football", from Heisman trophy winner to rolling through the likes of the NFL, CFL, and AAF. Manziel had over 7800 passing yards and 63 touchdowns in his two years at Texas A&M which won him the Heisman trophy award and rewarded him as a first round selection by the Cleveland Browns after only his sophomore year. After a few lack luster seasons in the NFL and some off the field issues he found himself cut by the Browns and out of the NFL entirely, and would bounce around other pro leagues for a few years until the AAF went under this last March.

It would seem Manziel is up to a different pursuit now a days, and that is as a spokesman for Direct Auto Insurance based out of Florida. His face is plastered on billboards and even TV ads where he's quoted as saying, "When I got cut, Direct still wanted me on their team." To make matters even worse, former Buccaneers Wide Receiver Antonio Bryant chimed in on Twitter with a photo of the billboard and a quote " Johnny Car Insurance on billboards now? They really tried to compare Baker Mayfield to this guy?" Which caused quite a stir as many could expect, and even a "direct response" from the company themselves!

Bryant played in the NFL from 2002 - 2009 with the Cowboys, Browns, 49ers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He amassed 5685 receiving yards and 30 touchdowns in his seven year career and is known for being unfiltered when it comes to social media. In his latest tweet he attacks the idea many had when the current Browns quarterback was selected first overall two years ago in Baker Mayfield. With the same glowing swagger coming out of college and a few questionable occurrences many began to compare Mayfield to the former Cleveland bust. However, as his rookie year unfolded people reversed their logic and many now refer to Baker as an elite quarterback in the making. Only time will tell still if either is true or not. Now, all were left with is the tweet from Bryant and how the rest of the situation unfolded. Soon after the tweet began to make rounds, Direct Auto Insurance swooped in and defended their new spokesman. Responding to AB in quote "How many times did you get cut?"

Unfortunately, the victory lap was short lived for the bold Insurance company because if you dig a little deeper into the reviews and ratings for Direct Auto and well, it isn't pretty. Direct Auto Insurance has a 1-Star Rating in Florida as listed on Google with eighty-one "raving" reviews, as well as a C+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. To say they have no room to talk is an understatement, not only is Manziel selling car insurance but its cut rate insurance at that. Can't even be like Shaq and get with the General. It's not all bad for Johnny M, we could even seem him on the gridiron again soon with the revival of the XFL. This would be great because as bad as he's been at times between the hashes, anythings better than "going Direct" .

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