Packers in win now mode, but can't lose sight of sustaining the Legacy

The Green Bay Packers are in win now mode more than anything, however with young players at almost all positions other than QB they could look at some development even-while focused on winning now. The Pack secured a long term record breaking extension for quarterback Aaron Rodgers in 2018 paying him nearly $134 Million Dollars with $100 Million guaranteed that will have him in green and gold through 2022. With Rodgers only being 36 years of age, it's quite possibly he could play till he's 40 but with only 2-4 years to work with the Packers have to look forward even while they sign players to help them win in 2020. The NFL Draft in May isn't stacked at quarterback as it has been in years past, however arm strength and accuracy is rampant with this young class. This shows a glimmer of hope for teams looking to let their rookies develop a few years before getting their first look at pro action. These guys below match that description to a tee, both excel in one or more categories but could work on a few things behind a legendary quarterback like Aaron Rodgers.

Packers Go Early - Jordan Love - Utah State - Projected 1-3

Love is a QB that has drawn a lot of draft hype over the last few seasons starting in 2018 when he threw for over 3500 yards, 32 touchdowns, and only 6 interceptions however decided to return to college in 2019 where he somewhat fell off a bit. His numbers dropped and his accuracy took a decent blow as he threw for 3400 yards, only 20 touchdowns, and a whopping 17 interceptions this last season. Don't fool yourself now, scouts have raved about Love's pocket presence as well as his deep ball ability. Jordan Love also possesses the innate ability to drop the ball into tight windows that traditional big armed quarterbacks tend to struggle with when entering the NFL. Sound familiar? Love draws a lot of comparisons to a young Aaron Rodgers with a tad more to work on when it comes to accuracy and more so consistency the sky is truly the limit. If Love falls to the third round expect the Packers to make the jump, possibly the second round but that's the highest I would like to see the Packers go in my opinion. Many analysts are all over the board when it comes to Love with some even projecting a first round selection which is far too high if the Packers plan to develop. Highest the Packers can go for that should be the second to third round this season as the first should clearly go to a wide receiver that can help produce this next season. None the less Brandon Love is an excellent pick, given where the Packers fair to get him.

Packers Go Late - Jalen Hurts - Oklahoma - Projected 3-5

Another solid option for the Packers is one of college football's most dynamic passers from the 2019 season and that's Oklahoma's Jalen Hurts. Hurts threw for over 3800 passing yards, 32 touchdowns, and only 8 interceptions while leading the Sooners to the NCAA College Football Playoffs. Hurts is often highly discounted for playing in the pass happy Big 12 justifiably so in some ways but it tends to go a bit far. Some scouts even project Hurts to fall all the way to day three of the NFL draft being selected in rounds 5 or 6. Jalen Hurts had success at Alabama, helping the team to some monumental wins during his time with the Crimson Tide, but coaches still saw his struggles as a pocket passer, which led to him becoming a backup. In 2018 as a backup, he completed 73% of his passes for 765 yards with 8 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. In 2017, he completed 61% of his passes for 2,081 yards with 17 touchdowns an interception. As a freshman, Hurts completed 63% of his passes for 2,780 yards with 23 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. This struggle with consistency eventually led to a further back up role and his transfer to the University of Oklahoma where he finished off his college career this last season. I can see the concern with Hurts, big quarterback with an okay arm and 4.6 speed isn't ideal in today's NFL. A lot of scouts think he tends to run before fully letting routes to develop. This can all be fixed and further worked on serving as a back up for a few seasons under a veteran quarterback which most analysts project for Hurts. I feel if the Packers can get Hurts some where in the 4th or even 5th round that gives them the best chance to develop some proven talent while stacking pieces to help win now while Aaron Rodgers has a few season left.

Either it be early in the Draft of late in the Draft look for the Packers to take the quarterback position into careful consideration seeing Rodgers is in the back end of a storied career and the next general is on the horizon. Thanks for reading! Feel free to follow the show on Twitter @Blitz_nfl and listen to the Podcast -- -- Please Share and Subscribe if Possible! Thank You!