The Possible Path to 8-2

The Seattle Seahawks are in a very solid position even after getting their salads tossed at home to the Baltimore Ravens.

Russell Wilson can shake off that pick-6 here in week 8 against the god awful Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta’s defense could make the Miami Dolphins look like super contenders with their terrible schemes and horrid teamwork. It’s honestly like watching a bunch of guppies swim in piranha filled waters. With the defense in the book, take Matt Ryan annnnd never mind he suffered a high ankle sprain during last weeks clown show with the LA Rams. With the addition of Devonte Freeman getting ejected from that game as well, What. A. Mess. Things aren’t all that bad! They still have Julio Jones and Muhammad Sanu as their WR threats. Wait a sec, what the fuck happened!? Sanu gets traded to the Patriots for a second round pick!?!? I am not saying Sanu isn’t worth a 2nd round pick, but I am just baffled at how goddamn good the Patriots are at acquiring players and turning them into fucking super bowl champions! Now the 1-6 Falcons have to face a Seahawks team who are coming off a major loss at home after trading picks for safety Quandre Diggs from the Detroit Lions!? This could be interesting! In what should be a 14+ point game for the Seahawks . I somehow can’t ever imagine that, it always has to go down to the wire where they’ll win by 3 or have you clenching your butt cheeks for four quarters of football making the last 15 seconds the most stressful 15 seconds of your weekend other than trying to last in bed longer than 20 seconds (Niners Fans). Seahawks take the Falcons on the road improving to 6-2 on the year.

Tampa Bay Bucs vs Seahawks

Crab legs comes to the city most notorious for its seafood and crabs. Hopefully Winston isn’t going to catch an Uber to the stadium that Sunday, The biggest worry for me and I am sure lots of other Seahawks fans worry is head coach Bruce Arians for Tampa. That big red walrus on the other side of the field by the name of Bruce Arians only job as the Cardinals head coach was beating the fucking Seahawks and you can lose to every other team in the league just beat the goddamn Seahawks. I will be damned because that son of a bitch made our Cardinals games go from 58-0 blow outs to last second touchdowns by the Cards to beat the Hawks at home on prime time. I still remember that kicker Kantazaro waving his noodle arms in our blue painted faces that night annnd holy shit folks that was a close call!! Winston went out on the field today looking like an all american pro bowler for all four quarters. Thankfully the Seahawks have an actual all american pro bowler MVP quarterback week and week out at the helm throwing for five touchdowns and zero interceptions. Give Winston a lot of credit for coming here and only fucking up once on a costly fumble for the Bucs. Jason Myers is starting to show some true colors here missing four kicks for the Seahawks. The Seahawks defense doing what they do best this year and make terrible teams look great. There is no doubt in my mind that if the Seahawks lost the coin toss in overtime, the defense would have costed them the game. Hawks win 40-36 in OT ! A TD pass to Hollister may god bless his soul! Russ tied his record for five touchdowns today and looked incredible! Carson ran well even though he fumbled twice. Lockett and DK Metcalf continue to help Russ in his MVP run and ball out 7-2. The Seahawks need to address the problems on defense. The inability to get to the QB continues to weigh down the Hawks and they should be smearing QB’s all game, but something is missing! Pete needs to dive into the problem and get it fixed if the Hawks want a chance in the playoffs! The coverage today was trash, the tackling was trash, but they prove their ability to make stops! If needed, they just need to be more consistent.


Russell Wilson 29-43 378 YDS 5 TD’s

Jameis Winston 29/44 335 YDS 2 TD’s


Tyler Lockett 13REC 152YDS 2 TD’s

D.K. Metcalf 6REC 123YDS 1 TD

Jacob Hollister 4REC 37YDS 2TD’s

Mike Evans 13REC 180YDS 1 TD


Chris Carson 16 Car 105YDS

Ronald Jones II 18 Car 67YDS 1 TD

The possible path to 8-2

Yes that’s right the Hawks are 7-2 as of today and they play the red hot 49ers in San Fran. This is a true test for Russell Wilson and the offense to prove that they have the ability to win huge games. Hawks are undefeated on the road as of now and have eight days to prepare for the biggest game of the year. If the Seahawks want to be a part of this years playoffs, it is crucial for them to win against the 49ers at least one time this season to get the confidence to win a majority of the rest of the year!

It is going to be a great matchup! I got Seahawks taking this game 35-28 going 8-2 into the bye week and resting before a Sunday Night Football matchup with the Eagles!