Tom Brady era nearing an end in New England?

As rumors continue to swirl of Tom Brady's departure from the storied New England Patriots one can't help but speculate on what the Patriots front office is thinking. After watching former Brady back-up's Jimmy Garrapollo lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl and Jacoby Brissett have the Colts on the brink of competition this last year, the search for the next heir apparent is imminent. Not to mention many have reported over the last few off seasons that head coach Bill Belichick has been ready to at least start the process of moving on from the golden "Tommy Boy". The same reports also indicate that owner Robert Kraft is heavy in the decisions to keep him around so you can see the dilemma. This has led to the exits of the two previous mentioned back up signal callers whom have found success else where. Most recently though, Brady has played into free agency rumors and the Raiders will "reportedly" offer him $60 Million for 2 Seasons in the silver and black, the Chargers, Titans, and Colts seem to all be in the mix as well. Thus it's another NFL off season and let the Patriots rumor mill ensue!

Tom Brady will easily be the story of the 2020 off-season either he stays in New England or makes a move in free agency he will be in the headlines all summer. If you are unaware he has recently voiced some unhappiness about his current deal with the Patriots brass. Now after a void on his contract will officially be a free agent when it all begins here in March. Of course, if a deal is not made prior to then with the Patriots. Reason for Brady's disgruntlement is simple, after giving the Patriots a "hometown discount" in his last negotiations he would like to make more money. Per Brady made $22 Million dollars in 2019 and would make the same next year if he didn't void to re-negotiate this off-season. For comparison Colts QB Jacoby Brisset made $27.5 Million dollars in 2019 and $20 Million fully guaranteed just slightly less than the 6 time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. When you break it down Brady ranks astonishingly 25th on the list of quarterbacks with the most guaranteed money. Topping the list are notable quarterbacks like the Falcons Matt Ryan ($94.5M) , Kirk Cousins ($84M) , Aaron Rodgers ($77.7M) , and Russel Wilson ($70M). Average per year isn't much better with Brady ranking 14th on that list behind both former back ups Jimmy G who ranks 9th and Jacoby Brissett at 8th.

Brady is obviously in the back nine of his career and probably has only a few seasons left. With that all being said many have poised the question if it's truly time for the Patriots to move on. For conversation sake lets say they do. Lets say they let him ride off and finish his last seasons in the silver and black or with Mike Vrabel in Tennessee. What's next? There is no one really there to take the reigns. Jarrett Stidham was the back up at the end of 2019 and surely shouldn't be the next main guy. That unless coach Bill Belichiek sees something the rest of us don't. The Patriots pick 23rd in the first round of this years Draft and could really make a splash. One option could be to try trading up to get one of the marque signal callers coming out of college, however many have those guys going pretty early. Guys like Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, and Justin Herbert could all be slated off the board by the 7th pick according to our most recent Blitzed Mock Drafts. This would mean a trade for the Patriots to get up early enough get one of those guys is second to none unless they are willing to give up a whole heck of a lot. Which they have already done by letting a future hall of famer in Tom Brady walk in this theoretical situation.

The good news for the Patriots is there is a guy that can fall to them that can be there guy especially with the great mind of Bill Belichick and that's Washington QB Jacob Eason. Eason is the prototypical build of a quarterback in the NFL at 6'6 and 227 pounds he could afford to trim a bit for mobility, but has the frame to knock off oncoming tacklers and keep plays alive. Eason had just over 3100 yards, 23 touchdowns, and only 8 interceptions in 2019 leading the Huskies to a 7-6 record. Finishing it off with a blowout victory in the Las Vegas Bowl against the 12-2 Boise State Broncos 38-7 where he threw for 210 yards and a touchdown. Eason can surely work on his skills a bit as scouts point out with his cannon of an arm he tends to over throw his body with torque and thus creating situations where he can he hit in bad positions. He also tends to not let plays develop enough some scouts will say. One great thing is the pros far out weigh the cons, which only come from only having two full seasons as the starter at Washington. The compliments of Eason are endless from his downfield throws, play action rhythm, and accuracy on certain deep routes to his over all competitiveness and willingness to do anything to make the play. If Brady walks, Eason is surely their guy. I feel Brady will 90% stay in a Patriots uniform but none the less Eason makes for an excellent pick either to start day one or develop behind one of the best. Look for the Patriots to go quarterback early in the Draft come April.

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