Turbulence in the Windy City

It wasn't too long ago we were discussing the Chicago Bears as one of the favorites for the top seed in the NFC and possibly a Super Bowl birth which they haven't seen since 2007 in a loss to the Indianapolis Colts and legendary quarterback Peyton Manning. It would seem however that Chicago's excitement of riding another defense to the promise land may have already been cut short before take off. Why yes, the far fetched fantasy many Bears fans have that the 1985 Bears are back, are all crumbling down before our eyes. Fans might as well hop back in the Delorean and Mcfly off because things are only getting worse. What went wrong you might ask? Who's to blame? Well stick around and lets take it from this last Sunday.

Still licking their wounds after getting embarrassed by the Oakland Raiders in London on Sunday the Bears are on their way home with a (3-2) record and injuries on both sides of the ball. Most notable injury occurred during play on Sunday when defensive tackle and fearsome run suffer Akeem Hicks injured his elbow, expected to miss significant time however the Bears remain confident he will return this season. Quarterback Mitchel Trubitsky remains sidelined with a ligament tear in his none throwing shoulder, which thrust journeyman backup Chase Daniel into play who has been relativity okay this season. Completing 44/60 passes for 426 yards, 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions both coming in London against the Raiders. Some how this is better than when Trubitsky is playing who has completed around 10% less passes with the same amount of picks and touchdowns. Average yards per attempt is the real eye opener, Trubitsky only gains roughly 5.5 yards per pass attempt this season, Chase Daniel even gains around 8 yards on each of his attempts. Don't get me wrong, both stat lines are pretty bad but this points to a bigger issue than both of these quarterbacks being mediocre. This offensive playbook sucks!

The Chicago Bears were fooled into thinking that Matt Nagy was any sort of driving force in the Chiefs offense when he was the coordinator from 2016-2017. We all know now that Andy Reid is still who we thought he was and is the master mind behind the trickery and absolute artistic design of the Chiefs offense. If anything, Matt Nagy's offense scheme is a combination of the '08 Ricky Williams led Dolphins, college gadget plays, and arena league concepts sprinkled on top for good measure, which Nagy more than likely got from his playing days in the AFL from 2002-2008.

The Bears have been pretty awful on offense this season ranking near last in every category. They rank 26th in Rushing which was actually a strong suit of theirs a year ago when power back Jordan Howard led the back field. The Bears would deal him to the Eagles in exchange they opted for a committee of Tarik Cohen and David Montgomery. Which if you ask me are the same kind of backs, both talented but neither are every down backs like Howard. This has led to the every snowballing issues amounting in Chicago. Howard in his limited use early in the season with the Eagles has around 248 yards rushing and 4 touchdowns, while Cohen and Montgomery have only combined for 262 yards on the ground and half as many touchdowns with just two. It's clear now that the Bears made a very bad move trading Jordan Howard and losing a huge piece to their rushing game.

When you flip over to the passing game, things only get worse. The Bears rank 30th in Passing in the NFL and lack any sort of excitement or production. The only formidable wide receiver they have is Allen Robinson who leads the team in targets and yards. Don't get excited it's not a lot. After that the next three out of four leading receivers are tight end Trey Burton and both running backs. The only hope the Bears have of pushing the ball down the field are relying on big splash plays from Taylor Gabriel who leads the team in receiving touchdowns with three. Needless to say this offense isn't going anywhere. It's a system so outdated and more based on trickery than anything else. Worse of all its tailor made to fit the limited throwing abilities of one Mitchel Trubitsky, which wont last the next three seasons. Jay Cutler threw a better deep ball and was more accurate through the air than they will ever get Trubitsky to be.

I know what you're thinking, the great defense of the Chicago Bears can save them from and atrocious offense, right? Well to an extent they have been carrying this offense for the last season and a half and the time has come that that horse is running a bit out of steam. The lack of a running game is seriously hurting a Bears defense that currently ranks 5th in the NFL. The Bears cannot control the clock or possession, putting a lot more pressure on their defense to cause turnovers and make stops. The injury to defensive tackle Akeem Hicks only makes matters worse. After he went down, the Raiders with rookie running back Josh Jacobs ran all over the place for 126 yards and 2 touchdowns. The pass rush didn't seem as fierce as the front seven were clearly more consumed with stopping the run. Had the Raiders not made a few bone head mistakes, that game would have been way more out of hand than the score dictated. The Bears are a crumbling disaster that is only getting worse. I would even go as far as they may only finish 6-10 or 7-9 at best with a defense that will be completely depleted by years end.

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