What Las Vegas means for the NFL and the Raiders

The day January 22, 2020 will forever be cemented in the lore of Las Vegas history, marking the Raiders official arrival in the glamours city in the desert. A day after the city of Las Vegas along with the NFL announced a revolutionary design for the upcoming players draft in May of this year. The plan is while spanning across the sparkling fountains of the Bellaggio casino the players will walk out on platforms to meet with the commissioner of the NFL and accept their selections. This marks another successful step for the city of Las Vegas in the pursuit of not only being the entertainment capitol of the world but also the prime destination for sports franchises and state of the art sporting events. The Raiders coming to Las Vegas is a major piece to that pursuit, ultimately becoming the gauge for success.

The NHL rocked the sports world in 2016 when the unanimous bid to expand to Las Vegas was approved and the Golden Knights were born. The Knights quickly proved that Vegas could not only support a sports franchise but fully back that franchise from the grass roots, quickly and consistently achieving above 15th ranked for attendance in the NHL since their inception. The success of reaching the Stanley Cup Finals in the first year catapulted their rise to fame, however raises expectations for the new team in town in the silver and black.

It may sound silly that a team moving into a new city is on the hot seat but the Raiders truly are not only on a local level but on the national stage. The Raiders and the legendary grit and grime of physical football. The franchise that challenged authority. The franchise everyone told no. Is now in the spotlight for all to see, in the city once shunned by NFL and told no by many professional sports leagues in the past due to gambling and other irrational fears. The Las Vegas Raiders are born. Isn't it all too fitting? Two classic staples of the west coast that some how have a lot more in common than many would think, coming together with so much opportunity for both on the line.

The city of Las Vegas having success with the NFL Draft in May is imperative to becoming the go to for revolutionary sporting events for all professional leagues. The Raiders early success could mean even more bringing excitement around the team, continuing to sell out tickets and gain the grass roots support Vegas possesses. I truly believe Las Vegas could be and will be the sports mecca of the world. With more to offer than leagues have to offer the city, teams will continue to flock. The early success of the Raiders is the major stepping stone in that pursuit.

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