YCF sets out to revolutionize the Football World

American football is big business right now, the NFL made $8.1 Billion dollars in national revenue in 2018 per a report by the Green Bay Packers, meaning each of the 32 teams made roughly $255 million dollars in revenue as well. It's no surprise we have seen a rise in football related companies taking their shot at the opportunity in entertainment as a result. We saw the rise and unfortunate fall of the Alliance of American Football last spring, and the birth child of the WWE returns in February with the XFL relaunch under much anticipation. Through all this though their is one company and application rather that is set to revolutionize the entire game. Your Call Football is the only app in the universe that puts not only the game in the hands of the fans but the play calling as well. The YCF has played two seasons over the last couple years consisting of four games each using this exact format. They fill the rosters with former college standouts and other NFL hopefuls and then stream the games through their free app. The games have been played down in Florida and have had plenty of action packed moments. When the fans are given the opportunity to select the plays anything can happen!

Best part of all, if you are one of the fans that selected the majority play and they work out more often than not you can find yourself in the top of the leader board. The top spots are then rewarded cash prizes! Next up for the YCF is the AutoZone Liberty Bowl this college bowl season on New Years Eve. Where fans will be given the opportunity to predict plays on the field and gain points from yardage gained, touchdowns, etc. This will be the first time this app will be unveiled on such a national level, I would expect for it to continue to rise afterwards and we could quite possibly see it fully implemented in even NFL preseason games in years to come. It is revolutionary in the way it works and way it gives unprecedented access to the football fans it serves. YCF is the next big thing in the football world.